Kindergarten teachers' favorite things

TEACHER: Mary Hastings

Position: Kindergarten Full Day Teacher
Birthday: April 25

Sweet treat: 

Starbucks drink: Skinny Vanilla Late

Sonic drink: Lime Aid

Salty treat:  

Cookie: Chocolate chip

Sour Patch Kids
Bundt cake flavor: Red velvet

Places to shop: Anne Taylor Loft Outlet



Color: Hot Pink, Black, Green

Meals: Salads

Flowers: Daisies or Tulips

Sports team:  

Places to shop for school stuff: Hobby Lobby or Michaels

Classroom wish list items: Gift cards to Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby, iPads for Osmo


TEACHER: Jessica Petau

Position: Kindergarten Full Day Teacher
Birthday: Feb 13
Sweet treat: Bundt cakes (all flavors)
Starbucks drink: Cold Brew with Half and Half, Iced green tea or Medicine Ball
Sonic drink:  
Salty treat:
Cookie: Crumbl cookies
Candy: M&M's (plain, almond, or peanut) 
Bundt cake flavor: Gluten-free Red Velvet
Places to shop: Nordstrom, Athleta, Gap, TJ Maxx, Amazon
Restaurants: Los Dos Podrillos, White Chocolate Grill, PF Changs, Chick-Fil-A
Color: Light blue, army green, yellow
Meals: Mexican food and salads
Flowers: Tulips
Sports team: Colorado teams
Hobbies: Camping, working out, reading, golf, tennis
Places to shop for school stuff:  Lakeshore, Amazon, Dollar Tree
Classroom wish list items: "Chair Pockets" to fit our chairs (blue and red)